The Great Reading List

It feels fabulous to be back! Season Three focuses on the intersection of the books: The Great Tradition by Richard Gamble and Norms and Nobility by David Hicks. Our process in deciding on which chapters to focus was pretty simple; we went to the index of Norms and Nobility and compared it to the chapters of The Great Tradition. So, each of the episodes will focus on an intersecting figure of the classical tradition. We have several interviews coming up with Karen Glass, John Hodges, Wes Callihan, and Jeremy Tate, the founder of the Classical Learning Test (CLT). 

Episodes This Season

#22 :: The Great Tradition: An Interview with Richard Gamble

#23 :: Plato: On Philosophers, Knowledge, and Virtue

#24 :: Isocrates: Teaching the Man inside the Boy

#25 :: Interview with Jeremy Tate about the Classical Learning Test

#26 :: Aristotle: Exploring Music and Leisure

#27 :: Cicero: The Statesmen and Virtue

#28 :: Interview with Karen Glass on Plutarch

#29 :: Interview with Wes Callihan on Erasmus

#30 :: You Asked, We Answer: FAQs from Listeners

#31 :: John Henry Newman: The Father of Modern Classical Education

#32 :: Interview with John Hodges on T. S. Eliot

#33 :: Our Journey in Books: Favorites in Our Homeschools

5 thoughts on “The Great Reading List”

  1. Looking forward to this! I completed the Circe Atrium in May, and have Gamble’s book have never really dug into it. This is the perfect motivation to continue to contemplate Hicks book and to finally read The Great Tradition, Thank you!

  2. This looks splendid, and I hope to be able to follow along! Gamble had some wonderful insights to share, and it was really a pleasure hearing him speak on your podcast, and you have an amazing schedule lined up for the rest of this season.

    1. Please drop us a line about your insights as well. I would love to hear them. I enjoyed interviewing Richard Gamble with Jennifer. He had a genuine love and wonder for the study of the classical tradition.

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