Welcome to The Classical Homeschool Podcast!


Are you a classical homeschool parent? Are you interested in classical homeschooling? Have you ever wondered how to take the big and beautiful ideals and principles of the Christian Classical Tradition and make them a reality each day in your homeschool? Are you interested in digging deeper into those big and beautiful ideals and principles? Then this is the podcast for you!


At the Classical Homeschool Podcast, our heart is to take on the work of wrestling through the, sometimes difficult and philosophical, ideas presented throughout the classical education movement and bring them down to earth, specifically and practically for the classical homeschooling mom.


More specifically we will be exploring, comparing, and seeking to harmonize and embody those ideas specifically for the classical homeschooling mom by:

  • Looking at a particular idea or principle from a handful of popular classical education books and discussing it directly.
  • Discussing people and their stories from literature and history who embody these ideas.
  • Interviewing other homeschool moms, classical educators, and other leaders in the Christian Classical renewal who have first-hand experience with the principles and practices of the Christian classical tradition.
  • Asking questions like, How is this idea practiced or actualized? How do these big ideas harmonize with the reality of a modern homeschool?
  • Presenting real examples of how to apply a specific principle or ideal in the real everyday classical homeschool.
  • Presenting actionable and practical ideas for how to bring classical principles and ideals to life in the real everyday classical homeschool.


The Classical Homeschool Podcast Core Library

Throughout the life of the Podcast, we will of course, like all good students and teachers, mention and quote a variety of authors, writers, and speakers who think, write, speak, and share about the classical tradition. With that said, there are a few who have been exceptionally transformative in both of our journeys. You can expect to hear us talk about the ideas and principles in the following works quite a bit. Check our  The Classical Homeschool Podcast Core library.


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