Socrates by the Pool ~ A Summer Symposium with C.S. Lewis


Join Ashley and Jennifer each summer as they pull the curtain back on some the most significant authors within the classical tradition. In these summer minicourses, you will learn where the author fits into the big picture of the classical tradition both philosophically and practically, how to read their works, and how to apply those reading skills to other books you read. Each summer will turn our attention to a new author and two of their works.

Each Socrates by the Pool Summer Symposium will include six sessions. The first and last session will be free on the podcast the way you are used to hearing from us. The four core sessions, however, takes your learning experience to another level. When you register for the whole symposium, you will receive:

  • The video recording of each session
  • The audio recording of each session
  • A workbook for each session, packed with tips, additional resources, and an outline of the reading practices used during the course of our summer symposium.

You can gain access to all of that by registering for the Socrates by the Pool Summer Symposium here, in our shop!

In 2018, we will take a deep dive with C.S. Lewis and his two works Till We Have Faces and The Four Loves. The goal of this swim is to discover how to place Lewis in the context of the classical tradition, how to think about him, how to read his fiction and non-fiction works, how to evaluate his big ideas, and how to apply these discoveries to other reading scenarios. 


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2018 ~ Socrates by the Pool: Lewis Edition

5/11/2018 ~Session One: Introduction

Introducing Lewis, Till We Have Faces, The Four Loves, how to Read, and how to craft a meaningful summer reading list.

5/25/2018 ~Session Two

Till We Have Faces: Chapters 1-6

The Four Loves: Affection

6/8/2018 ~Session Three

Till We Have Faces: Chapters 7-12

The Four Loves: Friendship

6/22/2018 ~Session Four

Till We Have Faces: Chapters 13-18

The Four Loves: Eros

7/13/2018 ~Session Five

Till We Have Faces: Section I: Chapters 19- End of Book.

The Four Loves: Charity

7/27/2018 ~Session Six

Conclusion: A synthesis of The Four Loves and Till We Have Faces


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